About Company

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of flag ferrules.
We also produce complete flag staffs, nails and commemorating plaques.
Our clients are presented with our full graphic and visual offer of all the elements needed during the ceremony of bestowing a flag and colour guard.

Our flag staffs are in two parts, bolted in the middle.
They are made of beech wood turned according to regulations of particular institutions.
On special request other materials to produce flag staffs are available.
In school, flag or military flag staffs the head which is the Polish national emblem is made of hand polished and silver covered brass.

Other flag ferrule colours include:|n|

  1. gold – with a gloss finish
  2. old brass
  3. patinated
  4. brushed nickel
  5. chrome – with a gloss finish
  6. silvered

We offer flag staffs and nails for the following services:

Police, Military, Fire Service, Border Guard, Prison Service, Customs, Municipal Police
as well as
schools, hunts, offices, unions, organizations, associations, political parties, companies, etc.|n|

Nails are made of brass. A deep engraving technique on CNC milling machines enables us to engrave text and images in all shapes.
Arched nails can be hammered into a flag staff while flat ones can be hammered into a plaque.
Nails we offer are divided into three groups:
G1 group – standard, G2 – decorative and G3 – commemorating bestowing of the flag

Nail colours include:

  • gold – with a gloss finish
  • old brass
  • gold – semi matt
  • patinated
  • silvered

We also provide all kinds of occasional souvenirs and gadgets e.g. in the form of statues or medals.

Thanks to modern milling and engraving machines we own we are able to produce lettering, memorial tablets, plates, signboards, signs and casting models of all kinds.

We invite you to use our services and to cooperate with our company.