Ceremonial Flag Poles

Banners, banners • A promissory note (banner) made in one copy, consisting of a lobe, a spar and a pommel (spearhead, finial). The head of the banner (arrowhead, finial) referring to local traditions, may contain images of coats of arms from the coat of arms of the voivodeship or superior local government unit, or its own coat of arms.

Colors of fittings: gold, old brass, silver Colors of spars: natural, walnut, oak, mahogany We also make new head designs presented by the customer.

The spars are made of beech wood, twisted from two parts with a diameter of 40mm or 35mm. The dimensions of the spars are appropriate for individual institutions and determined according to the Regulation and Journal of Laws. All brass heads are carefully finished and chiseled, plated with silver. Our spars are available are of two types due to on the method of fastening the banner flap:

1) “to the pin”, that is, to the side of the spar
2) “on the skin” or the so-called tunnel.

On special request, the spar can be made of other material, according to the customer’s request.

When ordering a spar, the following information is required:

spar head design – diameter of the spar Fi-35mm or Fi-40mm hardware colors: golden, old brass or silver color of the tree – according to the color palette length of the banner at the spar – ltermination date invoice details and shipping address mobile phone number for direct contact valuation acceptance